How to Make Leather Women’s Bags?

We know there is a wide range of leather bags on the market, but have you ever wondered about women's leather bags manufacturing process? No! Worry not! We will uncover the details from selecting the right fabric to the final polishing of the pure leather bags.

So, let's create handbags together. In this blog, we primarily focus on leather-made bags because it is no secret that natural leather bags have long been incredibly popular because of their organicity, comfort, uniqueness, durability, and charm. A well-cared-for leather handbag will last for many years, and with time, the leather's natural rubbing will only enhance its beauty and authenticity.

So, let's dig into the easy steps for making leather purses for women.

Things You Need to Make a Women’s Leather Bag

Do you want to know how to make the best women's leather bags quickly and easily? Stay put! Before beginning the simple steps, it is crucial to gather all the materials needed to make a leather bag in one place.

Below are the essential bag materials as a list. Equipped with these bag-making materials, you are sure to continue making many leather purses for women.

1. Bag Fabric
The main thing about sewing a bag is the fabric. The important criterion is that it should be sturdy and durable. For that, always choose leather stuff. It's so because it is sturdy and long-lasting, and pure leather bags give a detailed finishing look, which you might not get with other things.

2. Interfacing, sewing machine, and webbing
Another important thing for making a bag, whether for leather hand bags or tote bags, is proper interfacing to give it a pleasant and detailed look. This interfacing provides the fabric with body and strength. Moreover, a sewing machine is essential to successful, professional-looking bag manufacturing. Different types of sewing machines are available, such as cylinder arm machines, computerized sewing machines, and many more.

Finally, webbing, composed of nylon/cotton fibers, makes it easy to create handles. What you have to do is just cut and attach with the bags; they are also available in many colors.

3. Zippers, D rings, and Magnetic snaps
Other things you will need are zippers, D-rings, and magnetic snaps. These D, AD, oval, and square-shaped rings are for hanging the straps and increasing their length.

Zippers and zipper pulls are essential parts of any bag. Long zippers with two zipper pulls, one with metal zipper teeth and one with plastic ones, are common in pure leather bags. You can also customize the zipper pulls to make it more pretty and elegant.

Another essential thing required in making a bag is magnetic snaps. These have two sides that ease the opening and closing of the bag with minimum fuss. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can use it according to your preferences.

4. Other Necessary Material
1. Swivel knife
2. Stamp Tools
3. waxed thread
4. Lacing needles and Stitching needles
5. Leather Dyes and Acrylic paints
6. Hardware (rivets, buckles, keepers, a closure)
7. Contact adhesive

Steps for Making a Leather Bag

● Step 1 - Proper Cutting
Start by selecting a high-quality leather approximately 2mm thick (5oz).
After carefully calculating and cutting out a template from paper or card, you can transfer these to the hide and cut your pieces.

● Step 2 Tooling/carving Your Leather
Drawing the image first on paper is a good idea if you plan to tool or carve something onto leather. Use a wet sponge or mist spray bottle to dampen the piece of leather you want to make the design onto. Place the design on top of this and carefully trace the lines of your drawing with a biro or stylus. This will imprint your design onto the leather, ready for you to cut out with your swivel knife.

● Step 4: Lining
There are many lining materials, but it is best to go with a suede texture, which is incredibly tough and perfect for the inside. Moreover, For lining purposes, you also need a contact adhesive and either stitch it or lace it to the leather so it stays secure and safe and will not peel off. You can also double the loop for more security and safety.

● Step 5: Straps
You can also line the strap; in this case, the saddle stitches the lined strap to the leather hand bags using waxed linen thread. The purpose of rivets is to fasten buckles on cut gusset sides. A keeper is necessary; otherwise, your strap will come undone. Also, the belt end is not necessary, but it gives your finished piece much more allure.

● Step 6: Finished Product
Tadah! And it's done!

Please give it a finished look with the fabric protection spray; this will create a protective layer on top, making the fabric waterproof and stain stain-proof. You can also use this protective spray inside as well as outside.

That is how you create pure leather bags that add sparkle to your personality! Happy DIY.